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I Can Be Resourceful..

Blog Challenge: “Create A Resource List”

I’ve actually created a few resource lists on my blog.

Instead of creating another one in a short time, I’m going to link to my two favorite resource lists (that I’ve posted):

Foreign Language Resources

Middle Schoolers are learning a foreign language for the first time in their academic careers. Sometimes they take the class you did so you can help them, but other times, they don’t. I was so excited when Mini was able to take French. At least I can help her.. but I’ve also been out of high school for ** years so I needed to brush up. I found three FREE resources that I just had to share with other parents. They’re a fab study tool.

Gifts That Benefit Multiple Sclerosis Research

MS Research is a cause close to my heart. I watched the disease ravage and eventually consume, then rip my biological Mother from me. Someone else very close to me was diagnosed last summer. In the past few years, quite a few people I know have also been diagnosed. I would love to see a cure in our lifetime, so I advocate for research. I found some great gifts that you can purchase and know a portion is being donated to a good cause.

I’ve created music-based lists, but I don’t know if they count as a ‘resource’ per se, so I didn’t add them.

You can find those HERE.

Have you ever created a resource list?

What was it for and what motivated you to share it?

Rant or Rave here: