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I Can Be Resourceful..

Blog Challenge: “Create A Resource List” I’ve actually created a few resource lists on my blog. Instead of creating another one in a short time, I’m going to link to my two favorite resource lists (that I’ve posted): Foreign Language Resources Middle Schoolers are learning a foreign language for the first time in their academic […]

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Three Question Thursday 9.21.17

  #1) What is YouTube? GREAT question! When I was asked this by an older person on my FB page, I wasn’t sure how to respond. They asked what kind of things you can find on there. Everything. Everything? Yup, everything. Music/tv/movie clips, parodies music covers, stupid and pointless pranks. If you’re over 30, think

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Pencils at Maximum Velocity

I received a complimentary duo of BIC® Velocity® Max Mechanical Pencils from Smiley360 for this review. All opinions are my own. I collect pens and pencils.. It’s kinda my thing. Okay, it’s REALLY my thing. I even started an Instagram page for just my collection. If I showed pics of my entire collection at once,

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