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National Hat Day 2014

In honor of National Hat Day, I decided to take my hats off the shelf then lint-brush, clean and photograph them.

I have a lot of hats. It took me a lot longer to doll them up than I thought it would.

First off, we have my Mets hats. This is literally half my collection.

My Mets Hats

Now on to the rest of my collection. To photograph them all, I had to take several photos. I would have to be around 7 feet tall to get them all in and I didn’t want to squish any 🙂

Hat Pic 1

Hat Pic 2

Hat Pic 3

Hat Pic 4

I have 41 hats in all. Here is my tally:

NY Mets: 20

NY Giants: 1 (that needs to be remedied asap!)

Plain military-inspired: 3

Military-inspired hats from Zulily: 2

The rest of these have only a tally of 1:


NY Lottery

New York hat from a shop in NYC

Upper Deck

Boar’s Head

Stop & Shop (used to work there)

The Villages (in FL – google it)

Disney World (from my one and only trip there 6 years ago)

Pillsbury Dough Boy

St Patrick’s Day green plaid fedora

Black bucket hat (which I’ve had the longest out of all my hats – 14 years now)

Francis X. Pendl Nassau County Firefighters Museum & Education Center (LOVE THIS PLACE!!)

The only two I know that are missing are a Cardinals hat and a Cubs hat. Both were purchased when Mini played on those teams for tee-ball. I probably have a bunch more somewhere in the house that either didn’t make it to the shelf or is hidden in Mini’s room. She has her own collection, by the way. Like Mother, Like Daughter 🙂

SO. How many hats are in your collection?

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