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Book Fair Spoils

Last week was Mini’s school book fair. Since I loved reading so much as a kid, I let her go to town picking out books. She was very picky about the ones she found and while others raised an eyebrow at her selections, I wasn’t shocked int he slightest.

She likes her girly books and she likes her books about trucks and big machines. She has quite an eclectic mix of books in her personal library.


Since Mini has discovered Disney channel shows (during certain times.. since they have *ahem* “outages” during shows I don’t like), “Jessie” has become one of her favorites. She was excited to find that one. It’s a chapter book, so we are reading it together. It is basically the first few episodes of the show in story form so Mini is telling me what’s about to happen before I get to that page.

“Silverlicious” is one from the “Pinkalicious” series. In this one, she loses a tooth so Mini was all over that!

“Sofia the First”, “Bubble Guppies” and “Doc McStuffins” are some of Mini’s fave “little kid” shows, as she calls them on Disney Jr.

Then of course, we have “Mighty Machines”, “LEGO Super Heroes Handbook” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. She knows I’m a TMNT fan and she has happily read me that book twice.

Out of all these, guess which ones get read the most? Yup! The last three ones!

There was one book that sold out twice. Thankfully, the woman running the show was able to order more. On another day when I volunteered, I was able to purchase this for Mini:


Since she goes nuts for this game, I was so happy to be able to grab one when they were in stock again. When I showed her after school, she grabbed the book and started jumping and yelling. Ahhh, satisfaction šŸ™‚

I love book fairs. Sometimes when you order books, you just don’t know what you’re getting even though it might be a familiar character. I prefer looking at them first.

How do you handle school book fairs? Do you participate in them or do you prefer picking out your books at a book store?

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