Three Question Thursday 9.21.17 – Tina B's World

Three Question Thursday 9.21.17


#1) What is YouTube?

GREAT question! When I was asked this by an older person on my FB page, I wasn’t sure how to respond. They asked what kind of things you can find on there.



Yup, everything. Music/tv/movie clips, parodies music covers, stupid and pointless pranks.

If you’re over 30, think back to when you were a kid. You’d be sitting around with your friends, talking about whatever popped into your head. You imagined all of these insane scenarios.

“Can you imagine if we filled a room with cups?”

“Imagine how mad Mom would be if you said you smacked your brother but you didn’t.”

YouTube answers these questions. In video form.


2. Why did you start Instagram pages for your dogs and your pen collection?

Why do you care? Mind your wax, bee! HAHA I’m kidding. I started them as just a way of separating things. First off, I have an awesome pen collection. I’ve collected so many cool pens over the years and it was time to show them off. I have a pen with an Etch-a-Sketch on the end and another one with a lava lamp, which met an unfortunate demise during our last move :(. I already posted a pic of my pens that look like magic wands and a thumbs up and even one with a tape measure on the end. Stay tuned for more!

I mean, really.. You have to ask why they have their own account? Look at them!

My dogs needed their own Insta. They were tired of sharing the limelight with my kid, various campaigns and general life weirdness. I love their personalities and I felt like I was posting too much about them on my main one, so yup. Three Instagram accounts. It’s not as hairy as it sounds. It’s been pretty easy to keep up with all of them.

3. Did you think you were going to be taller?

I love Mini to pieces, but sometimes she can be a real snot!

OF COURSE I thought I would be taller.

“I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baller..” 


When you’re little, you think everyone is tall. I miss the days Mini used to hug my legs and say “Mommy, you are SO TALL!”

When you get older, you realize your family is full of Shorty McShortPeople and you realize you’re probably not going to get any taller.

This was the case with Mini, who at the ripe old age of 10 is at her Mother’s eyeballs (I’m 5’1″ in case you were wondering). She is realizing that most of my family is pretty short, but her Father’s family is both tall AND short.

Supposedly, their adult height will be double what they are at age 3. That would put Mini around 5’6″. Taller than me.. and I’m okay with that 🙂

Have YOU been asked any interesting questions lately?

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