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Mini Monday – Post 1

Welcome to our first “Mini Monday” post. In this weekly post, I will hand the reins over to my Mini. She will decide what I write or post. I’m incredibly nervous but excited at the same time.

Here we go!

Hi. I’m Davina. My Mom calls me “Mini” (as in Mini-Me) because I look EXACTLY like her.

I’m very funny. I make everybody laugh.

I love my dogs, even when they’re bad and pee on my stuff.

I like playing with my iPad. My favorite apps are: Traffic Racer, BuddyMan and Minion Rush.

I am OBSESSED with Minecraft. I like to watch Stampy on YouTube. He is my favorite YouTuber. He teaches me a lot about Minecraft.

I love Star Wars. They are my favorite movies! (Mommy Note: she’s referring to the old movies, not the newer ones). I can’t wait for my next birthday party. It is a Star Wars theme.

School is great for me. I love it very much. I have a very nice teacher and a lot of friends. I hate homework. There is too much to do at night.

Sometimes, my Mommy picks me up at the bus stop and we go get a special snack before homework.

I like to be clean, but I hate taking showers. I don’t even like to hear the word “shower”.

I snore when I sleep. That’s what my Mommy and Daddy tell me.

I have good dreams. Sometimes, nightmares. I sleep very well with stuffed animals. I always have water at my bedside if I get thirsty.

I love myself. I’m beautiful. I’m friendly. I’m funny. I’m very good at sports.

I love playing sports. My favorite is bowling. I am in a league. My highest score ever was 167. I also play softball. Last year, I won 3rd place in running and 1st place in throwing on my team. Last summer, I also played golf. I loved it and I hope I can take lessons again. I played so well in my age group, my instructor moved me up to the older kid group.

I have a beautiful bedroom. It is dark purple and hot pink. I want the ceiling to be blue but my parents won’t paint it for me. I have cool framed posters and stuff. Plus, I have stickers on my wall. Maybe I will show you my wall stuff in my next post. My old crib is my desk. My Mom loves that Pinterest thing.

I had a very good spring vacation this past week. The best part of my week was when I watched the movie “Enchanted. It was so funny! My favorite part was when the Prince was singing and got run over by the people riding bikes. Here is a video. It is not very clear, but you can still see it:

My vacation was awesome, but now I have to go back to school.

Here is a pic my Mommy took of me laying around with our dogs. I love them all! You can click on it to see it bigger.


I love taking selfies. They look so pretty. I like staring at pictures of myself. At dinner, I love looking at my pictures all over the wall. Last time my Mommy took me to Ulta, I got very bored and started taking selfies with displays around the store. Here are my favorites..

I found the cotton circles Mommy was looking for!
I don’t know why he is squinting. Is the sun too bright?
Who is she staring at?
I am very serious just like this guy.
I’m bored like he is. When will Mommy ever be done shopping??

I love everybody I know. I have a good life. I hope you enjoy this and all the posts I will do in the future.

See you later!

Love, Mini

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