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Book Review: “Momma Don’t You Worry”

“Momma Don’t You Worry” by Louie Lawent is an absolutely beautiful book with a great lesson. It has great illustrations and a brilliant rhyming scheme that is pretty catchy. Halfway through the story, my Mini started singing the words. 🙂

The story opens with an irritated 6-yo who thinks his mother’s insisting he hold her hand “cramps his style” and it “just ain’t cool”.

He goes shopping with his mother and wanders off.

He panics. Things happen. I don’t want to give away the story!

He learns the extremely important, valuable lesson that your mom isn’t being annoying (as my Mini put it) when she tells you to hold her hand. She is worried about you, wants you to be safe and most of all, SHE LOVES YOU.

I highly recommend this book as an “anytime” story because it is short, sweet and to the point. It is also a great opening for a discussion about what to do if your child is separated from you at some point. You can delve into the topic based on your child’s age and following questions.

The book is recommended for children up to age 8, but I think it could serve as a gentle reminder to older kids to stay close to their parents (or their friend group, if they go out).

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