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The Crazy Moms Club – An Introduction

I have decided to start “Fiction Friday” posts. Here is an introduction as to what I will be doing in these posts..

Some of you reading this are moms.

Others of you know moms.

I’ve known moms all my life (besides my own) and I have seen some crazy stuff. I’ve come into contact with a lot of moms since my Mini started school a few years ago. When I relay stories to my friends, the ones without kids can’t believe their ears, but the ones with kids just sigh and shake their heads.

They know. They understand.

I started to jot down conversations and situations.

Some of my stories in this series actually happened. Others are fictional accounts based on the personalities of women I’ve come in contact with. If you recognize yourself in any of these posts, laugh. These are meant to be funny.

Being that I have known so many people, I decided not to base any character on a specific person. You have no idea the amount of crazy I have encountered. Some people are just plain nuts.

Consider this introduction and the stories ahead a peek into the ridiculousness of what I’ve seen. The first post will be posted next Friday, so be on the lookout for it.. ENJOY!

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