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Mini Monday – Post 2

Hi, everyone! It’s Mini again!

I really enjoyed doing my post last week! I am excited to post again!

Today, I would like to show you the decorations on my bedroom wall. My Mommy and Daddy like to surprise me with things they know I will like. I always love what they put on my wall!

They find posters with characters I like or Mommy will scrapbook some things together. I love everything! *Mommy Note: all of the frames are from Ikea, in case you were wondering 🙂 *

These are some stickers Mommy found that matched the colors of my room and I love it because I am a rock star!


The next two are because I LOVE Disney Infinity characters! The flowers are from Dollar Tree.



The next one is from the movie “Frozen”. We made a card with stickers for one of my friends then Mommy took the rest of the stickers and printed out the characters’ names.


Next is the “LEGO Movie” posters. I had a big cardboard display but I had no more room for it. Mommy had some extra frames and said she could put my favorite characters on my wall.


That’s all I have on my walls as posters. These are my curtains.. They are furry at the top and I think they are cool, even though they’re pink. I don’t like pink (it is barf-mouth), but hot pink is very rock star.


Last are my sheets. I just got new Star Wars sheets and I am very excited to sleep in them! My pillow has “Star Wars” on one side and characters on the other. My sheets have all the same characters too. Yes, I know all the characters. I LOVE STAR WARS!!




I hope you enjoyed this post about my room.

See you next week!



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