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Be My Guest!

Blog Challenge Day 28: Guest Post

For this post, I decided to ask Davina to answer the questions from our Monthly Activity Kit for April (update: our monthly kits aren’t available anymore, but our 2021 kit is HERE).

Here are her answers:

1.How did you meet your first best friend?

School. I meet all my best friends and fans in school.

2.Which TV show would you like to live in and why?

Riverdale because Archie is hot.

3.Describe your favorite family activity.

Eating. It doesn’t matter if it is a meal or dessert. I love it when we eat and talk together.

4. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My Mother. I want to be smart, pretty and famous like her one day.

5.What do you wish you could tell someone without consequences?

I would tell one of my teachers to shut up. She’s ineffective and annoying, plus she hates me.

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