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A Blog Freaking Deal

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Blog Challenge Day 29: List A Few of your Fave Blogs

A few blogs I read regularly or recommend to other people…

Money Saving Mom

Crystal and her team have an AMAZING blog. There are tons of coupons and money saving ideas, as well as personal stories. I have been following Crystal’s family story and as a foster/adopted child myself, I think it is beautiful what the Paine family is doing. I tweet out the weekly Homeschool Freebies because it is a great resource for not only homeschool families, but those with kids who just want something to do when they’re bored.

MS Views & News

I’ve spoken about this site and frequently share posts from it. You can find info from all things Multiple Sclerosis as well as local events.

Shopify Blog

If you are thinking of venturing into the world of ecommerce, Shopify’s blog is your one-stop lesson shop. They give step-by-step tutorials and even have marketing tips.

Marketing Solved

Kat & Brian Sullivan have the marketing game down pat! There is so much information on their blog that I don’t know which tips to implement first! Seriously, if you have any online business, please subscribe to the blog and pick up all the freebies!

Knowing the Narcissist

If you have ever dealt with narcissistic abuse, you NEED to check out this blog.

Faerie Eye

Heather is one of my fave people to follow on Instagram, a faithful reader of mine (thank you!!) and I love her blog, even though I always forget to comment (sorry!!), I always read it. Seriously, go check out her blog and let me know what you think of her little tortoise. HA! <~ You’ll get why that’s funny when you read her blog 🙂

That’s the list of blogs I recommend.

Here is another one. I started a blog sharing stories about my grandmother, who I miss terribly. I’ve decided to open it up for others to submit their own stories about their grandparents. Any funny story, anecdote, anything.

The site is HERE and you can send an email to grandmastories(@)tinabsworld.com

What blogs do you read regularly?

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  1. Oh, hey! Thank you for such a sweet shoutout! You have no idea how much that means to me 🙂
    I might need to steal this post idea, I read a lot of blogs.

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