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I Missed A Few…

I’ve been having a rough few weeks. Between family members going through a lot and a long to-do list, I’ve been swamped. I missed the last few NABloPoMo posts. I’m going to do a double-post of two out of the three I missed. Here goes..

A time you benefitted from the kindness of strangers..

Last year was Mini’s first year in elementary school and my first year as an active PTA member. Going into a school that big to help out was a bit daunting to say the least. Due to the layout of the school, two levels are below the main level. The walk down 4 flights of stairs seemed to take forever. My heart hammered.

I don’t do well going into new situations where I don’t know anyone or what to expect. It’s very hard for me.

I finally found my way through the maze and got to the gym. I walked up to a table of people and bravely said, “I’m here to help.” They turned towards me and introduced themselves, one by one. They immediately made me feel at ease. I had only intended on staying for Mini’s class, but ended up staying the rest of the morning.

Had it not been for these strangers (who I am proud to call my friends now!) and their kind ways, I would never have even considered being as involved with school events as I am now. They have been both encouraging and helpful. Last year, I chaired one event and it was small, miniscule even. This year, I’m already up to three (one was HUGE) and have several more coming down the gauntlet. I thank these ladies for taking me under their wings, explaining things to me and encouraging me. I love them all!

Are you the funny one in most groups? What kinds of things do you find funny?

My life is a comedy. Yes, I’m the funny one. I’m pretty quick with one-liners and I have a knack for story-telling. I have already figured out that this is both nature AND nurture. My biological Mother was funny. Her mind was slow due to the MS, but her one-liners were perfect. My adopted Mom is funny too. She has a quick wit as well. Her comedic responses are always on point.

I like slapstick. Nothing makes my day quite like watching someone totally eat it. It doesn’t matter what surface they are hitting, as long as they’re falling I think it’s hilarious. My daughter hates that I find this funny. Just the other day, she was running up the stairs and fell. I walk over and all of her limbs are on different steps. She didn’t hit her head nor was she seriously hurt. She was just pissed she fell.

I. Cracked. Up.

She glared at me all the rest of the way upstairs. “That was NOT funny!”

“Oh really? Maybe you should try seeing it from my point of view.”

She tried her best not to smile and as she rounded the corner upstairs, I saw her start to crack one.

Watching people fall is usually the highlight of my week. I get such a kick out of those fall compilations on YouTube.

Best fall ever? Beyonce. When she was walking down the stairs in concert, slipped and her legs flipped over her head, I almost peed watching it. Her “please don’t put that on YouTube” plea made me laugh even harder. I give her credit. She got right up and kept going, but wow what a fall.

Another great one? The guy who was dancing around, then hopped on a treadmill. It went so fast, he flipped over and his slippers went flying in opposite directions. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch it, it’s still funny.

Some other funnies:

What happened to the trash?

You ate what? This one gets me every time!

What do you find funny?

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