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Getting Older Doesn’t Phase Me

NaBloPoMo asks if you’re okay with getting older of if you’re fighting it.

“Do not fear growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.” – Unknown

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing UP is optional.” – Chili Davis

It’s pretty safe to say I’m the only one I know in my age group that didn’t care about turning 30. Most people were so depressed, they stayed in bed for days or cried about it or threw fits (yup). Some turned 28 or 29 multiple times.

You know you’re going to get older. No amount of bitching and moaning is going to stop it. In fact, when you’re out at a bar or a restaurant with your “Dirty 30” crown and/or sash and you’re throwing a tantrum because of your age, you look stupid. Very stupid.

When I tell people I have no problem aging, they tell me to wait until my body feels old. My body has felt “old” since a car accident messed me up when I was 22. Age has nothing to do with that. I’m also told to wait until I hit 40. My attitude will not change. I feel bad for people who hate their age. They’re missing out!

My guess is people see ages as deadlines. “I need to do this by the time I’m 30 (or 40 or so on).” I get that, but truth be told, I’m not where I wanted to be at 33. Am I where I “thought” I would be at my age? Absolutely not! That doesn’t change the fact that time is still marching on. I can either accept it or complain about it. I’ve chosen to accept it.

Bottom line is: I don’t care about getting older and quite frankly, you shouldn’t either!

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