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It’s All About the Skills

NaBloPoMo would like to know if there are other bloggers who have skills I wish I had.</p>

Time Management.

Quite frankly, I suck at managing my time. I feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get things done. Maybe my to-do list is too long. It doesn’t seem to be.

Confession: I waste time and procrastinate like it’s my job (stop laughing, Russ!). It just happens. I love social networking, but man can I get lost on Pinterest! Tumblr is my weakness too. I start browsing photos and can’t stop. I have to turn off my phone and toss it away from me!

I guess this would fall under self-control and discipline too. I could just buckle down and get it done. Do I? No. I’m working on it though. I sign up for things I know I can do. I’m working on paring down my schedule. I have to learn how to say “No”.

Do other bloggers have skills you wish you had?

2 thoughts on “It’s All About the Skills”

    1. “An illness” is a GREAT way to describe it!
      Sometimes I like the procrastination zone. There’s cookies and coffee and funny dogs!
      Thanks for commenting. Heading over to your blog now 🙂

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