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They Go On When I Close My Eyes

Blog Challenge: Childhood dreams

*Note: the title was a piece of “These Dreams” by Heart. I love that song!

As a kid, I only wanted one thing: to be tall.

My genetics (grumble grumble) decided otherwise and I stopped at 5’2.

There goes that dream!

A secondary I had? That my biological father would come back into my life and not be a jerk.

Half of that came true. My father did eventually come back into my life, but he’s still a jerk. Wellllll… jerk is probably the nicest thing I could call him. The names I think are worthy of him are the ones I try to keep off this blog unless I’m directly quoting someone.

A tertiary dream I had was to live on a farm with lots of bunnies.

I had one as an adult. It passed years ago and we never got another one. I’m surrounded by Pugs now.

What did you dream of as a child?

4 thoughts on “They Go On When I Close My Eyes”

  1. Reminiscing of childhood dreams is nice. As a kid I dreamed of being a professional athlete, I have always loved sports. Now I ski every season! I do count it as completing that dream to some extent.

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