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Just A Video.

Blog Challenge Day 15: A video.

I’m not much of a vlogger. I have a YouTube channel, but don’t post on it often. I’m trying to figure out how to change that, but for now, the videos are super random.

Case in point, here are two from the channel:

“Baby Shark” on the cat piano

If your tween/teen hasn’t asked for a cat piano, I envy you. COUNT. YOUR. BLESSINGS.

Also, THE most annoying viral song in the world in the past few years was that “B.S.” song.

Surprisingly, if you mix the two, it’s actually pretty funny. Exhibit A:

Dr Mario Level 23 Fast Forward

We got a Nintendo Mini and I’ve had a blast reliving my youth and playing my fave game.

What’s your fave YouTube channel?

Rant or Rave here: