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Book Book Movie

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Blog Challenge Day 14: A Book or Movie Review

I got the idea for the title from the childhood game “Duck, Duck, Goose”.. although I’ve heard that people in Minnesota play “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck” and if you’re from there, I would like to know: WHY??

First, a book.

Plenty of celebrities and public figures love to write down and share their life stories. I’ve enjoyed reading quite a few. My fave would have to be “Alice Cooper: Golf Monster”.

What a great read! Come for the rock and roll stories, stay for the golf tips.

Second, another book(s).

Two ridiculously cute books for Pug lovers! “A Pug’s Guide to Dating” and “A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette” by Gemma Correll.

Read and laugh along, fellow Pug owners!

Third, a movie.

A childhood favorite of mine. I still enjoy it. Robin Williams AND Tim Curry. How could you NOT love this movie?

It also has a great message, which I won’t spoil for you here.. just watch it! 🙂

There you go! Two book and one movie recommendations.

I’m still curious about the Grey Duck thing..

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