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Blog Challenge – Topic 5

A Book You Read Recently

“In Defense of Divorce” by Ennis B. Pepper Jr.

This book was written by a Pastor and I wanted to read it to maybe have something to bring back to my parents. I kinda want something to justify my husband and I splitting up. My uber-Christian adopted parents want to hear nothing of it. They tell me it’s wrong and I took vows and need to honor them. Umm.. so I have to honor MY vows even though my husband didn’t honor HIS?


As I read the description of this book, I knew I had to read it. No, I will not be shoving it in my parents’ faces like I want to, but at least it made me feel a little better about my current situation. I cried as I read most of the book just letting the gravity of my situation sink in. If you know anyone who needs a push or is looking for answers, I recommend this book. One of my fave quotes is:

“Mistakes may scar us, but they don’t define us.”

That’s a great one.. maybe even tattoo-worthy!

You can order the Kindle version from Amazon by clicking HERE. No, I’m not an affiliate (at least I never signed up to be) and I don’t get paid for endorsing this. I highly recommend it anyway..

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