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Blog Challenge – Topic 6

A Movie You Watched Recently and How It Made You Think About Your Life

This made me laugh when I read the blog topic.. You may laugh along with me ๐Ÿ™‚

The other day, as Mini and I were watching FernGully, I was thinking back to when I first saw the movie. I won’t say how old I was when it first came out, but I was old enough to see it in theatres ๐Ÿ™‚

My adopted parents (then-foster) decided we would do a movie day to see this movie. The theatre jerks sold us our tickets, not telling my parents that they had purchased the last few tickets. We sat in all different spots in the theatre. I was by myself with some random people and my sister was on Mom’s lap a few rows ahead of me. I didn’t even see where my Dad or brothers ended up.

Something like this would never happen nowadays. People can’t be trusted anymore. I’m not saying to be terrified of every person you see, but you have to use some caution now. I would never in a million years leave Mini in a spot and sit a few rows ahead or behind her. That’s insane to me now. I don’t judge my parents for doing that. We did what we had to. I’m also a little more outspoken then my parents were (well Mom anyways). I would probably go to the ticket people and raise hell until they gave me tickets to the next showing..

It just reminded me of a simpler time. Crazy how things change!

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