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Blog Challenge – Topic 19

Facebook Page That Has Taught You A Lot, Made You Laugh, Etc.

I have a lot of “likes” on Fb. Apparently, companies give you free crap for liking their pages. One page is really encouraging though. It’s called “Missing Loved Ones“. If you are missing anyone, whether through death, break-up, or whatever, this is an awesome page. Appropriately so, I am posting this on what would have been my Mother’s 61st Birthday (but that post is coming later)..

Some of the music and poems are the ones you have seen a zillion times, but are always worth remembering. Some users actually upload their own content and stories, so you get to see new things. You can know you’re not alone in your struggles. Someone has been where you are or is in the same place. There is no bashing, as there is with some other online communities.

Everyone is truly there to encourage and be there for you. It has been a blessing for me and countless others I know. I hope you take the time to check the page out. Give them a like and share your story. You will feel better when you do 🙂

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