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Blog Challenge – Topic 18

Video You Love That Inspires You, Teaches You Something

Hmm.. Does this mean a movie or a music video? I’m confused…

I was unsure how to proceed with this post until I saw this video on Fb the other night. I was going to do another multiple-video post with links to songs that inspire me. I might still do that eventually, but I have decided to go with this instead.

This is Jerry. He is an extreme couponer (I’m sure you’ve heard of them) and he takes the things he gets for next to nothing and gives them to people who need them. In this case, it is Fuze drinks. You can check out his other videos to see what else he has done.


With all the talk of war, poverty and crime, our faith in our fellow man has been shaken. People like Jerry restore my faith and hope in humanity. I love that he does this and I hope more follow his example.

I hope you watched and I hope your faith in humanity is renewed as well 🙂

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