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Mini absolutely loved this movie!</p>

She said her favorite scenes were the ones with Archimedes the owl. She loved that he was both cute and grumpy. The scene where he absolutely loses it and cracks up hysterically, Mini was right there with him laughing all the way. She says she wants to name our next pet Archimedes, even though she can’t remember the name a few hours after the movie is over šŸ™‚

Her fave secondary character was the wolf.. until she saw Madame Mimm. She thought she was interesting and said she would even consider being her for Halloween. I think she just wants to dye her hair purple! šŸ˜‰

My favorite part of the movie was the Wizard Duel. It cracks me up every time! During that scene, Mimm turns herself into an elephant and Merlin turns into a mouse. When Mimm runs, Mini looks confused. “Wait. Elephants are scared of mice?” “Yes.” “So Dumbo was afraid of mice?” “Yup. That’s why their friendship was so special. They saw past each other’s species and became friends.” Mini liked that idea. Who knew Disney movies were so deep?

According to Mini, the best scene in the movie was when Merlin turned himself and Arthur into squirrels. She laughed the whole time! I saw the wheels turning and she said that’s how she was going to get a boyfriend in first grade. *FACEPALM* “Mommy, I’m just going to chase him until he loves me.” Yeah, we’re going to have to discuss that and work on that..

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