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Summer Movie 22: LADY AND THE TRAMP

A lot of people claim this is their all-time favorite Disney movie, at least the people I have talked to about it.

The one reason I wanted Mini to watch it was because it was my Mother’s favorite movie. For years, my Mother would watch this movie almost every day. Since my Mother was confined to a wheelchair, there was pretty much nothing else for her to do except watch movies and go to daycare.

The older Disney movies have all the credits in the beginning, which means Mini gets bored before the movie even starts. I have fast-forwarded through them several times now. When the song starts in the movie “Silent as a snowflake in the night…” Mini asks if the whole movie will be this boring. I tell her to stick with it and just watch.

She laughed thinking about the first few nights last March after we brought Eli-Princess home. She said she wouldn’t stay in the kitchen just like Lady. She immediately took to Jock and Trusty though. She liked their relationship with each other and with Lady.

She disliked Tramp at first (you’re supposed to) but was happy with him in the end. She thought the dogs int he pound were just weird. She loved their songs but was rolling her eyes by the time Lady was sprung from doggy prison.

She was uncertain about the Siamese cats. She wanted to hate them because they were mean to Lady, but she kept singing their song. She does tend to like the ‘evil’ characters in the movies though. “Are they the bad guys?” is usually Mini-code for “I like them.”

The spaghetti scene. “So when I love someone, I have to share my food?” HA! Finally, a way to keep her from dating! I wonder how long that will work for..

She ended up liking the movie. She doesn’t love it yet, but I think after watching it a few times she might love it 🙂

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  1. definitely one of my favorite movies! i bought it for H for her birthday but she’s still too young to sit through it but she does like seeing the “woo woos” 🙂

    1. The woo woos. Aww!! It’s hard getting a child at any age to sit through a movie. Some of them Mini is really interested in. Others? I have to bribe her with snacks to finish watching.. haha!

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