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The Minion Cake

I love baking. Mini loves to help.

Last Thursday, we went to see Despicable Me 2 for a second time. Since we went for a birthday party the first time, Mini was messing with her friends instead of paying attention to the movie. Also, her Father wanted to see it. Mini laughed a lot throughout the movie. Loudly. When it was over, a few people high-fived her telling her she had a great laugh, she was like a personal minion (they have no idea!) and she made the movie better. Personally, I love Mini’s laugh. She has a great one. I’m glad other people agree with me šŸ™‚

When someone around us has a birthday and we are hosting or doing something special, I usually consult Mini for some creative input. In case you didn’t know, kids come up with the craziest ideas! Sometimes, she is way out in left field, but other times she gives me a sample of her brilliant imagination. She has been talking about her Father’s birthday for a few weeks. Since we had gone to see the movie together, she wanted to do a minion theme cake.

I had seen a Pin for minion cupcakes using Twinkies. GOOD LUCK finding those things anywhere though. I had to switch gears and come up with something.

Blue icing? Check!

Yellow icing? Check!

Snickerdoodles, white frosting and York peppermint patties for the eyes? Check!

Silver(ish) writers for goggles? Check!

Chocolate icing for goggle straps? Check!

Here is what we came up with..


Mini enjoyed doing the mouth part. She also helped doing the silver(ish) around the goggles.

We were so excited about that one that we attempted a second one. We ran out of the silver(ish) stuff so Mini wanted to use blue. The vanilla frosting we used just kind of oozed off the side and took some of the blue with it. We were good up until that point. The second just kinda fell apart..



All in all, we had a blast doing it though! Really, that’s all that matters šŸ™‚


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