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Summer Movie 11: DUMBO

I used to love this movie when I was younger! Mini is not a fan of Disney princess and those kind of movies. She prefers other storylines.

She absolutely loved this one!

She loved Timothy Mouse. She said he was a great friend for Dumbo. Earlier in the school year last year, Mini was made fun of by a classmate for having a “boy” lunchbox (it featured Cars 2 characters) and for not wearing dresses or the color pink at all. Yup, the crazy bullying starts in Kindergarten apparently (I wrote about it on an old blog here). After watching this movie, she started to say she was like Dumbo and *bully name* was like the mean elephants. Her teachers were the mouse helping her along and being her friend.

I love how she gets a lesson from these stories. I guess the movie was a success 🙂

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