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My Five Road Trip Rules

Road trips are fun!</h3>

Well, sometimes they are.

Last December, we were discussing road trips on the Social Road Trip twitter chat (join us Tuesdays 9pm EST).

I came up with five rules I would like my fellow road trip companions to follow. Yes, I know. Rules aren’t fun, but bear with me here..

Number 1: Give me a heads up if you’re going to have a tractor trailer honk at us.

I thought tractor trailers were fun as a kid. Driving next to them on the highway as an adult? Not so much. I’m concentrating on the road and the horn is distracting. So please, just let me know if you’re going to ask a driver to honk at us.

Number 2: No flashing old people.

I feel like this shouldn’t have to be said, but apparently it does. Just as a courtesy.. let’s not cause other drivers to crash. Mmk?

Number 3: Don’t spend the entire time on your phone!

OH. EM. RUDE! Look, I understand if you have to take a call once in a blue moon (please save it for rest stops if you can), but for the love of the road gods, PLEASE do not let your overbearing significant other call you constantly. Be present in the moment with the people around you or just stay home next time.

Number 4: Driver chooses the music. Passenger(s) shut their cakehole.

The driver needs to be as comfortable as possible. Save your garbage music binges for your own time. Also, if I know you have garbage music tastes, I probably won’t go on a road trip with you.

Number 5: The KitKats are mine.

I will bite or cut you.

Okay, so now that you know my rules.. am I really that unreasonable?

3 thoughts on “My Five Road Trip Rules”

  1. Having recently gone on a road trip with my younger brother… There needs to be some lulls in the convo. This introvert needs some silence! He just would not stop talking the five hours there, and the whole day there, and then the five hours back.

    1. According to something I read years back, there is supposedly a lull in conversation every 7.5 minutes. Maybe your brother never learned about that 🙂
      I added that rule based on experience. You need silence like I need music to drive. I had to keep turning the music off so they could talk on the phone. I wasn’t happy.

  2. I appreciate that you mentioned that it is distracting to you to drive a tractor-trailer in the road. I am highly curious about how to repair one. We would like an expert to help us out on tractor trailer repair.

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