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Summer Plans.. and the Tooth Fairy Has Gone Crazy!

Summer is here!</p>

Welcome to sunscreen and bug spray season!

Time to put away the pants and sweaters then bust out the shorts, capris and tank tops. Time to plan endless parties, get-togethers, BBQs, whatever you call them. Time to take stock in Banana Boat after-sun lotion and Soothe-A-Caine. Time to buy the refills for those Off! fans. No, I’m not a paid endorser. I’m just picky.

Mini’s summer vacation officially starts Monday, June 24th (today). She ended Kindergarten with awesome grades. She is a reading level H, which is roughly where she should be at the end of the 2nd trimester of 1st grade. She excels in math and writing. Really, this was no shock. Her father and I are Math and English nerds. She claims her favorite part of Kindergarten was her teacher because she wears pretty necklaces. Yup. She proclaimed that at her graduation ceremony.

Our summer plans span from playdates at the park to beach trips to indoor (read: air-conditioned) activities but we decided on a home activity as well. When Mini watches a movie and really loves it, she will watch it so many times she is quoting it and refuses to watch anything else until it is no longer available “On Demand” then she pouts about it. I came up with the idea to watch a different movie every day. Well, Monday through Friday at least. Weekends will be for all those fun family and friend things that people always plan. I believe this will help us bond, as we will be by ourselves during the time. Another thing I hope is that it will build her trust in me. She will have to trust I can pick out fun movies that she will enjoy. I know it’s a stretch but I’m hoping!

Mini turned 6 on the 15th and has been lamenting for weeks (ok, months!) about how “all her friends” who have turned 6 (and some who are still 5) have lost teeth already. On a daily basis, she asks me to feel her teeth to see if one is loose yet. Last week, one was a TINY BIT loose. Mini was ecstatic! I made her promise she would not try and wiggle it free and she has stayed true to her word. How do I know? The tooth isn’t any more loose and it’s still in over a week later.

A topic of discussion has been the amount of money she will be given when the tooth comes out. Some of the tooth fairies around her school give upwards of $20 for the first tooth. These fairies need to knock it off! Come on! I told Mini she would receive $5 for the first and $1 for each additional. She wanted $5 for each tooth. Nope, not happening. I told her some kids didn’t get any money for losing teeth (umm.. ME!) so she should be happy with whatever we give her. She finally accepted it and we left it at that.

I have a feeling this is going to be a crazy summer 🙂

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