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Mother’s Day Had Some Sweet Too..

Let’s call this my Part 2 Mother’s Day post. I realize my last was a bit morbid and dark.

Friday was a Moms & Muffins event in Mini’s class. The kids made projects and the muffins were delicious! The teacher came around and took pics of all the kids with their moms. Every single time someone takes a pic of Mini and I, they always feel the need to comment how much we look alike. Always. Umm HELLO! There’s a reason I call her “Mini”.

I LOVE the handprint stuff. I think it’s awesome. It’s fun to watch their faces as they get older and see how much they’ve grown. Granted, my hands are not that much bigger than Mini’s but she takes after her father as height and body goes. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw THIS pic I posted of the Poem. Even better? It’s already laminated!

They also did a book that described their mothers. Mine went as follows:

My mom’s favorite thing to do is: Play with me. (very true!)

My mom’s favorite TV program is: News 12. (not my fave, but I do watch a lot)

My mom always says: Good night. (thank heaven she left out my fave 4-letter words!)

My mom is very good at: Making waffles. (she means the frozen Eggo waffles *facepalm*)

My mom likes to go out to eat at: Applebee’s. (yes but the main reason I love that place is because Mini does!)

My mom’s favorite place to go on vacation is: Ireland. (yep it was pretty freaking spectacular!)

My mom’s fave exercise is: Riding the treadmill. (yup.)

If my mom could trade places with a famous person, it would be: George Washington. (ok I admit this was a ‘wtf’ moment. She just laughed when I asked her what it meant. I think she was just gong for the humor of it. Like mother like daughter I guess.)

My mom dreams about: Getting money. (hilariously enough, almost all the kids said almost the same thing. ‘Winning the lotto’, ‘having more money’, etc)

The happiest day in my mom’s life was: When I was born. (true story!!)

My mom’s fave song is: Lady Gaga. (I listen to her and sing along because Mini likes her!)

My mom’s favorite thing to read it: Magazines. (I do love my mags!)

My mom’s fave thing to eat is: Chocolate chip waffles. (again with the waffles! I make them because SHE likes them!)

My mom drives a: Truck, (yup. LOVE my Equinox!)

My mom’s best friend is: Russell. (HA! husband and I have her actually believing we like each other! HAHAHA!!)

I love it when Mom cooks me: Ramen soup. (I swear I DO cook lots of different GOOD food!)

My Mom makes me laugh when she: Tickles my neck. (she goes into hysterics when I do)

I make my mom smile when I: Hug her. (and whisper “you’re my favorite mommy”)

I know my mom loves me because: I am pretty. (no self-esteem issues here and she is a beautiful child but there are so many more reasons I love her)

I love my mom because she: Hugs me. (we do love our hugs!)

The whole book cracked me up! I was laughing at the fact that you don’t realize how much you do because it’s things your kids want to do until you read something like this. She thinks all of her favorites are my favorites. I love that though. For now, I will let her think that!


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