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Mother’s Day: Bittersweet Or Just Bitter?

Each year, Mother’s Day is a sobering reminder that my biological Mother is no longer with us. I usually get to the cemetery in the morning before the day’s craziness sets in. I didn’t have a chance to do that this year.

I had previously decided to host my adopted parents for dinner. My husband is trained enough to make the dinner that I requested (he’s a good cook but don’t tell him I said so). My younger sis got there first and I was psyched! She moved 3 hours away and I don’t get to see her much, let alone talk to her by ourselves. It was awesome talking and hanging out.

When the family got to my house, dinner was ready. As we were eating, we asked my Dad to call his Mother. Grandpa L (Dad’s stepfather) had passed away Saturday morning and one of my uncles was in FL with Gma. We knew it was coming for a while. He had been sick and due to his age, he was having a hard time finding doctors who would treat him. We were trying to figure out funeral arrangements and if family coming in would need places to stay or anything. Our main concern is Gma right now. We all wanted to make sure she has everything she needs and is being taken care of. She will be flying in this week (their plots are here) and it’s all hustle and bustle figuring plans out.

After dinner, we were sitting around my living room when Mom gets a call from her friend M. M’s own mother has been in and out of the hospital. Mom got off the phone and said what we all were thinking. M’s mom is rallying. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a rally is when a person is sick for a long time, but there is this breakthrough where they seem to be back to their old self. They are happy, talkative, just as you remember them before they got sick. It usually happens right before the end. It happened with Mom’s mother (Gma F) and my own Mother. (My Mom and my Mother were actually friends who met when my sister and I went into foster care. They developed a love and respect for each other that I personally think it unmatched for their case.)

I feel every Mother’s Day is bittersweet but this one took the bitter cake..

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