November 2018 Photo Challenge: Nom Nom Nom

"text-align: center;">This month’s Photo Challenge theme was Nom Nom Nom.

The holidays are definitely a time for food.

The day after Halloween, we dumped out Mini’s trick-or-treat pillowcase. There is a house in my parents’ neighborhood that hands out a GALLON SIZE Ziploc bag FULL of goodies. They’ve been doing it at least the last three years. I swear you can fill your bucket in half the time.. it’s great! Here is the haul from that one bag..

Dec 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

To start, Mini made some apple crisp in her after-school HomeEc Club. It. Was. DELICIOUS! I love me some apple crisp and am always on the lookout for a good recipe. I want this one!

Dec 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

Next, my in-laws sent us a tin of David’s Cookies for Thanksgiving. There were peanut butter cup, s’mores and chocolate-chocolate chip varieties. This was Mini’s reaction when I told her what was in the tin..

Dec 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

Every year, my friends and I say we will get together outside the kid birthday parties, but it just never happens. I was determined to do it this year, so we planned it out. One of my girls bought this cake and had an awesome saying put on it.. Happy Friendsgiving!

Dec 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

Lastly, I let Mini take over decorating our Thanksgiving cake this year. We had dinner at my parents’ house. They moved a week later so this was the last time we had a meal in that house. They moved 10 hours away and that came to Mini’s mind as she was decorating.. thus the heart.

Dec 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

Now for the bonus pic.

This is usually what we see when we are having our nom noms 🙂

The one in front is mostly blind and deaf, so until he smells it in his face, he’s usually uninterested.

Dec 2018 Photo Challenge - Tina Bs World

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2 thoughts on “November 2018 Photo Challenge: Nom Nom Nom”

    1. I love it.. We finish trick-or-treating in half the time! Once we go to that house, we hit up a few houses with my brother’s young kids. It’s more to spend time with them than get more candy.. it’s almost like we can enjoy the holiday a bit more.

      Also, thanks. We do love our pups 🙂

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