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Who Put That There?

Blog Challenge Day 27: Challenges in Life

We’re supposed to write about challenges and how to handle them.

Here are my thoughts:

We all encounter challenges in life whether it’s related to our finances, relationships, work, conflict, or illness.

There are many things that we desire, but there are always challenges that we must overcome before we succeed. Instead of thinking negatively and giving up on your dreams, why not figure out how you can overcome these obstacles and make them part of your success story? After all, the bitterest of obstacles only serve to strengthen us and make victory that much sweeter!

Everyone would be rich, healthy, happy, and successful if it weren’t for those brick walls that spring up unexpectedly and discourage us, but the real success stories all start with some problem, failure or challenge.

The truth is, there will always be things that stand in our way. That’s precisely why we all have a choice: we can choose to believe we can overcome any obstacles, or we can choose to give up. It always starts with a choice.

Why not try setting goals to overcome challenges?

Maybe we need to be able to set attainable, realistic goals so we can leap over the obstacles that are in our way on the path to success. Setting goals is a great way to move past obstacles because it gives a timeline to help get things done regardless of the barriers along the path. This will also help make progress toward goals through prioritization and organization.

Setting goals is important to overcoming obstacles because it allows you to envision your future and create something concrete to work toward. Some become apprehensive when they only see barriers and roadblocks standing in their way. These people see the obstacles, but don’t see the goal at the end of their journey. Sadly, they give up before they get started.

But this doesn’t have to be you!

Try creating bite-sized goals.

Goals can help people see the obstacles they thought existed don’t actually exist at all.. or they were just not as insurmountable as they first thought. After all, there’s no need to make a mountain of a molehill!

On the other hand, if your obstacles are significant ones, you may find it beneficial to break these obstacles down into mini goals. Setting attainable, realistic goals helps break the obstacles into manageable bite-sized pieces that you can overcome one at a time.

Ex: you need a college degree to meet your ultimate goal. Consider the application process as your first mini goal and move forward from there, one step at a time.

Try using affirmations or positive self-talk to break down mental barriers.

Leaping past obstacles is easier when you have a positive mindset. Affirmations and positive self-talk help you program your mind for success.

Ex:  “I am capable of succeeding without feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled.”

By implementing affirmations you will create a positive inner dialogue so you can overcome any obstacle with confidence and purpose.

How do you overcome challenges in your life?

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