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Do I Admire YOU?

Day 2 of the Blog Challenge: Who do you admire and why?

Honestly, I had to think about this for a minute?

Should I be specific or just go with a general list of the type of people I admire?

I can’t decide, so I choose: BOTH.

First, a person I admire: my late grandmother.

Nanny passed almost five years ago, but her legacy is still one I admire. She lived her life in service to others and found joy in that. She was a Senior Companion up until she was 91. If you asked her what she did, she would tell you she “drove around the little old ladies and took them shopping”.

Second, people I admire.

*Supportive significant others. These are the ones who not only SAY they support their person, they SHOW it.

*People who give back quietly. Announcing what you’re doing or what you’ve done isn’t necessary.

*Volunteers who are in it for the people they are helping, as opposed to those who just use volunteer opps to further their own selfish agendas or want to play the “look at me and all that I do!” game.

*Those that follow through/up. Most of the time, I have to be reminded so I truly admire people who make a note and actually follow through or follow up.

Who do you admire?

2 thoughts on “Do I Admire YOU?”

  1. Aw, your grandma sounds like she was a really great person!
    I admire people with the ability to self-reflect and change.
    I admire people who find happiness in their own way of life
    I admire people who do the hard thing even when the easy thing is not that bad
    I admire people that have passions and can articulate them

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