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Famous Recipes!

Blog Challenge Day 26: Profile a Customer or Blog Reader

I decided not to do this.

Instead, I’m sharing a list of awesome famous recipes that have been released recently.

First off, IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs.

Anyone who knows me knows my love for IKEA. I was pumped when I found this.. although I would LOVE their chocolate cake recipe too. Pretty please, IKEA?

Anyway, the PDF link is no longer available 🙁

Second, Cheesecake Factory’s Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.

You can view that yumminess HERE.

Also, there are a bunch more, so check them out HERE.

Third, Mickey Mouse Beignets from Disney Parks.

I don’t remember seeing these the one time I went to Disney World, but apparently they’re a hit.

Recipe is on the Disney Parks Blog HERE and don’t forget to check out the other recipes they have HERE.

Fourth, McDonald’s Egg McMuffin (with bonus hash brown recipe!)

McDonald’s UK has released their recipe for their famous sammich. There is a blurry recipe card available HERE. It seems most of them are blurry? There is also a step-by-step demo of a company rep making one HERE.

Fifth, Chipotle’s Guacamole

I’ve never been to a Chipotle and never plan to, but people seem to go nuts over it. Here’s Chef Chad giving a how-to on making their guac on Chipotle’s Instagram.

Have you seen any other recipes that should be added to this list??

2 thoughts on “Famous Recipes!”

  1. Chipotle was better when they actually prepped everything in-house. I like (liked?) eating there because everything was fresh… but I would always add salt and lime juice once I got home, ha.

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