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We opted not to watch a movie today.</p>

Instead, Mini and I went out for an afternoon of pampering. Mini got her 2nd pedicure and loved this one more than the first. The first pedi, the nail tech only cleaned her nails and painted them. This time, Mini got to experience the foot bath, scrub and lotion massage. When the lady took out the scrubby, Mini was intrigued. I looked down at my own nails being done when I heard some loud giggles coming from the other side of the nail salon.

The woman had to pause she was laughing so hard. Yes, my Mini’s laugh is infectious. She laughed everytime the woman touched the bottom of her feet. Here are a few Instagram Pics from our jaunt..

Our finished nails

Mini’s pedi

My nails

After the nail place, it was off to the hair salon. About 2 weeks ago or so, Mini cut herself some bangs (grumble grr grumble grr). Well, not bangs so much.. More like just lobbed off some of the sides of her hair. I explained to this to the stylist who was very patient and understanding. She fixed Mini’s hair up, giving her layers and long bangs. We were very happy with the results.

Tomorrow, we have 2 gatherings – both pool parties. Hope the rain holds off!

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