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Family Time

It’s sad to say, but the only time I see my biological siblings is when a major life event happens. Death in the family, hospitalizations, births, the usual. We decided a few weeks ago that had to change. Today, we got together. All 5 of us and our families were in the same place at the same time – and there wasn’t a tragedy or anything stressful surrounding it.

We were all relaxed and talking about whatever. The kids were in the pool and we all had a blast! A bbq meal of hot dogs, hamburgers and salads was followed up by the fire pit and s’mores. It was an awesome day to be one of my siblings 🙂

My sister handed out invites for her engagement party in August. She’s getting married August 2014. One of my brothers has a baby boy due in October. We had the chance to meet and hang out with his girlfriend and her son. Both are awesome and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them into the family.

We are trying to keep up the family hang-outs by having my Grandma’s birthday bbq at my house next weekend. I hope it all goes through.

I love hanging out with my family.

It de-stresses me, which is hard to do..

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  1. It is nice when the family gets together, mine lives so very far away that its hard to get together unless a reunion is planned. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. I’m now your newest bloglovin follower. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the follow 🙂
      My siblings and I all live (no joke) within 10 minutes of each other. We are all in neighboring towns. Our schedules have just been hectic and it’s so hard to find a time we’re all free. People laugh but we end up seeing each other in random places. My husband saw my brother 2 weeks ago at a gas station about 30 minutes west of here. Life’s funny that way..

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