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Summer Movie #5 – D3: THE MIGHTY DUCKS

If you have not seen this trilogy, I highly suggest that you do! This one is my favorite out of the 3. Since it was available “On Demand”, I decided to put it on for Mini.

Low and behold, I now have a little ice hockey fan on my hands. At least, the skating part. Maybe she’s into figure skating now? I don’t know and whatever floats her boat is fine by me 🙂

I remember the first time I saw this movie and being royally pissed off when I found out they killed off Hans. I absolutely loved that character! As it did back then, the funeral scene made me tear up.

My favorite quote of the movie:

“Every time you touch the ice, remember it was Hans who taught us to fly.” – Gordon Bombay

Other great quotes:

“After we beat you, the Warriors die and the Ducks fly.” – Russ

“Hey, Number 9, bite me!” – Ken

“Not careless, but not too careful either.” – Coach Orion


Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it?


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    1. I wish they made more movies like this nowadays! Even with a PG rating, I feel like we still have to preview movies for the kids..

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