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Summer Movie 9: ANNIE

I absolutely LOVE musicals! Mini loves music just as much as I do so I was hoping I would be able to hook her on musicals as well..


I have a bunch of Broadway music on her Spotify list and she enjoys listening to it. She enjoys the music in all the Disney movies as well. She loved all the music. She wasn’t keen on the slower parts (“When are they going to start singing again?”) but overall, she enjoyed the movie.

There was a slight drawback. It’s more a funny thing though..

I’m adopted, as some of you may know. If you don’t, surprise! Anyways, Mini thought that since I was adopted that her grandparents are rich. *facepalm*

She also inquired if I lived in an orphanage (actually she called it an ‘orphan home’) before I was adopted. Nope. I went right from my Mother’s arms into my adopted parents’ home.

I guess my adoption story is a little boring compared to Annie’s. Oh well 🙂

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