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Summer Movie #8: DESPICABLE ME 2

You NEED to go see this movie!</p>

If you liked the first one even a tiny bit, go see this one.

Kids or no kids, go see this movie.

The minions are at their best and it was an awesome storyline. Mini and her friends laughed the whole time, but so did all the adults in the theatre. I noticed all the scenes commercials and sneak peeks were in the beginning of the movie, but it didn’t make a difference. Usually when you see the coming attractions, all the best parts of the movie are in there, but not this one. The movie will keep you laughing from beginning to end!

Did you see it? Are you planning to?

4 thoughts on “Summer Movie #8: DESPICABLE ME 2”

  1. I took Madison and my 8yr old over the weekend to see it and we LOVED it. Of course Madison fell asleep within 20 minutes of the show which was probably good for the other movie goers. 🙂

    1. Most of Mini’s friends missed all the good parts because they were fooling around, but at least they were laughing! Kids are funny..

  2. Christy Garrett

    I can’t wait until this movie comes out on Redbox. I want to go see it but the movies are so expensive.

    1. I hear that! If we hadn’t received gift cards, we wouldn’t be able to see all the movies we’ve seen recently. It used to be the cheap thing to do!

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