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Summer Movie 24: LILO & STITCH

This is so weird! I could have sworn Mini had seen this movie. Turns out, she’s only seen the tv series. How neglectful of me!

When the movie starts out and we see Lilo get into a fight with Myrtle, Mini was cracking up. Violence and slapstick. Yup.

Mini pretty much laughed during the entire movie. She said her favorite part was after Lilo was on the spaceship heading to outer space.. Nani demands Stitch talk and when he says “Okay okay”, Nani smacks him with a branch and Stitch goes flying. At this point, I had to pause the movie, Mini was laughing so hard!

She loved the movie and was glad to see it because now she understands some of the jokes and storylines in the series better. She has added it to her must-watch list 🙂

I love this movie now, but the first time I saw it, I hated it. It was pointed out to me that it hit too close to home. No, I didn’t burn down my Mother’s house while she was out, but my younger sister and I (5 & 7 at the time) would walk around the corner and cross a 2-lane road to buy candy at the deli. I shudder to think of Mini doing something like that now!

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