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Summer Movie #7: FRANKENWEENIE

I inadvertently made a boo-boo on this one.</p>

When this movie came out in theatres, a few of Mini’s friends had seen it. The moms all told me to go see it. “It’s so funny”, they said. “Mini will love it!” said another.

Wrong! Well, right. But wrong too.

Mini laughed through the movie, enjoying it for the most part. I wasn’t watching with her and since I had never seen it myself, I didn’t know the ending. I also don’t push my daughter to tell me her nightmares. If she has one and seeks comfort, I ask her about it but leave it alone if she says she doesn’t feel like talking about it.


Apparently, at the end, Sparky dies again before being revived. When the movie was over, I asked Mini how she liked it since she was clapping during the credits.

“I loved it!” she says. A split second later, the tears started.

I was confused. “What’s the matter? I thought you liked it!”

Mini, in between sobs, choked out: “I did, but I had a dream about it too.”

Ok, she had never seen the movie before nor the coming attractions. What was going on here?

I ask her what happened and she said she had dreamed the ending.

I ask her again and she replies, “I had a dream that I was in danger and Eli (our Hound pup) died trying to get to me.” She started to just breakdown and sob, shaking uncontrollably.

I just sat there and held her. I felt horrible for letting her watch it now, but I had no idea. I don’t know how this will affect my treatment of her nightmares in the future though. Maybe I should try asking her again until she tells me? I don’t know. I hope she doesn’t have a nightmare again tonight though..

Great movie, until it drudges up bad memories, I guess.

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    1. Luckily, we haven’t had a problem yet! She hasn’t brought it up and I’m not pushing it either..

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