Summer Movie 16: FERNGULLY THE LAST RAINFOREST – Tina B's World


I love Robin Williams! He has played so many memorable characters over the years and Batty Koda does NOT disappoint. Batty was Mini’s favorite character (DUH!) and she cracked up during the “Batty Rap”.

I thought the storyline might be lost on Mini, but she was able to follow along pretty well. She understood that Hexxus was evil and was trying to destroy FernGully. She was pretty pissed when Magi Lune died. She thought it was “ridiculous” that Crysta was left to do everything on her own. I explained to her that Crysta was Magi’s student and eventually the student has to be on their own. She seemed to understand that, but was still peeved about it.

By the time the movie was over, Mini asked if the music from the movie could be added to her music lists. The music is always a hit with her even if the movie is a flop to her.

She loved this one though 🙂

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