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Blog Challenge – Topic 2

A Goal You Have and How You Are Going To Get There

I haven’t added a page introducing my fur babies yet but we have a few of them. The newest addition is an American Foxhound (at least that’s what I think she is – she was a rescue) named Eli-Princess. Mini named her after Eli Manning, QB of the NY Giants.

Eli is now roughly 8 months old and although she is scared and skittish of strangers, she is a total lovee with us. She will cuddle in a heartbeat and loves to gives kisses and nuzzles, but training her has been very rough. She will sit, stay and speak on command. If I tell her to sit down, she will patiently wait until I have poured her water then come forward to drink when I give her the okay. She loves to run and will just run in circles around my backyard until she tires herself out. She’s not a big fan of the leash. She just collapses to the ground and stares until you give up trying to walk her around on it. I don’t yet know if this is a puppy thing or a breed thing. My parents’ English Mastiff used to do this when someone would try to pick her up. It was her way of saying “Nope”.

Our biggest obstacle, though, has been potty training. She learned pretty quick to pee outside, but poo is another story. It doesn’t matter how many times she poops outside, she will always go in the house. Every. Single. Time. When I researched it, I found out that AF’s are hard to train. Oh goody.

My goal is to have her trained by her first birthday in January. I am going to keep doing research and try to contact other Foxhound owners for advice. I have a lot of other goals, but this one is my priority right now. All else can wait. My nearly 60-lb puppy needs to be trained and soon!

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