Summer Movie #4: MONSTER’S UNIVERSITY – Tina B's World


Yup. We decided to go to the theatre. Our plans worked out like we wanted them to. Huzzah!

The movie was awesome! Mini thoroughly enjoyed herself and so did I. We loved seeing the cameos from beloved (well ok some not-so-much) characters from Inc.

One thing I don’t get is the animated shorts they come up with for these movies. The paper short before “Wreck-It-Ralph” kinda went over Mini’s head when we saw it. She got the meaning of “The Blue Umbrella” but was also a bit bored during it. It’s hard to grasp a kid’s attention when you’ve attempted to bore them before the movie.

I can’t tell you what Mini’s fave part of the movie was because that will give away a huge plot point. You’ll just have to go see it 🙂

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