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Summer Movie #3: BEETHOVEN’S 2ND

I remember the first time I saw this movie. After seeing “Beethoven”, my siblings and I were excited for the sequel. I thought it was hilarious that they decided to give the lovable Saint Bernard a girlfriend and a family.

Mini was watching the movie and saw Beethoven and Missy sniffing each other, then licking each other’s ears. The next time you see the dogs together, there are puppies. She looks at our two Pugs, who are lazily napping as usual. I can see the wheels turning, but she leaves it alone and continues to watch the movie.

Later as the movie is ending, the Pugs are awake and sniffing at each other. I see Mini watching intently and I know what’s coming. As Cheyenne licks Jordan’s face, I see Mini’s face light up.

“Mommy we’re going to have puppies now!”

*facepalm* Nope. Not so much.

I then have to explain to this child that both Jordan and Cheyenne are fixed and there will be no puppies. She seems disappointed but lets it go. We then start discussing the movie. Her favorite part was when Regina and Floyd fall through the bridge and one of the pups pees on them.

HAHA! Love my Mini 🙂

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