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Must We Keep Score?

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Before we went to the movies, Mini had her first bowling league game. Her and her two friends were all in a lane together. The next lane had children who were slightly older and therefore ‘veterans’. When we finished the first game, an attendant came by to reset the screen for the second game.

“Did you write down your scores?” he asked us.

Wait. What?

Me: “Do we have to keep score?”

Attendant: “Well no, but we recommend you do. You should have been given a score sheet when you came in..”

A score sheet?

Mom of ‘veteran’ kids pipes up: “I already wrote down your scores. It’s here on the paper.”

Me (in my head): Uhh yeah thanks creeper!

We did thank her but it was still weird. We didn’t ask her to write the girls’ names down. We weren’t even going to keep score. Really, they were playing for fun.. well fun and the free custom bowling ball at the end of the ten weeks. 🙂

I get that some parents are more serious than others. It’s a summer activity. It’s not even a competition. Do we really need to keep score? This isn’t baseball ya know!

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