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Tina TidBits 8.31.15

I decided to start a new post series.I have a lot of random thoughts and opinions, but not usually enough for an actual post. That’s where this series comes in. That being said, here is my first group of thoughts. Since my last blog was called “Tina’s Tid-Bits”, the title is a send-up to that.

I’m kind of dreading back to school. We had a rough summer. I’m already involved with a PTA fundraiser. I did the same one last year and although it was stressful, I ended up having fun. I didn’t expect an October fundraiser to be in my face in the middle of August though!

It’s going to be lonely without Nanny around. I broke up the monotony of my days by taking her to doctor appointments and/or lunch. Sometimes, I would just go sit with her and talk. She gave the best advice and was so much fun to be around. My birthday is coming up and this will be the first year in my life she hasn’t called to sing “Happy Birthday” to me. That hits hard and it’s going to be rough to deal with.


I had an eye exam and a strange thing happened.. my script went down! I put the new contacts in and I have never seen sharper or clearer. Apparently, My eyes corrected themselves. I had the same prescription for years and had no idea it was wrong. I haven’t had an exam in three years and I’m kinda pissed I waited so long. My daily headaches have subsided as well. Who knew?

Mini had her first eye exam as well. She wasn’t happy about it, but she said it was fun. She doesn’t need glasses yet, which is surprising. Her father started wearing them in the second grade and I in the fourth so I thought she might need them in the third, but she doesn’t. She already had her choice frames picked out just in case though 🙂

With the eye exam out of the way, we can move onto clothes. Back-to-school clothes shopping is a nightmare. Mini is very picky about her clothes. If it were up to her, she would wear the same oversized t-shirt and baggy pants every day of her life. She hates leggings and skinny jeans. She’s not a fan of frilly, lace or sequined. She would flip her lid if I bought her a tutu or anything pink. It is so hard finding affordable clothes she will actually wear. Luckily, she is still the same size she was at the end of last year so for now, we can hold off on the clothes.

How was your summer?

Are you looking forward to back to school?

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