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Bon Appetit Pizza BzzAgent Campaign

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Thanks to BzzAgent, I was able to try Bon Appétit™ artisan thin crust pizza. We are pizza fanatics in our house so I was excited!

Since our local stores had a limited stock, we were only able to try the Mozzarella & Pesto and the Pepperoni & Pesto varieties. Other varieties available are: Roasted Vegetable, Spinaci, and Trio Bacon.

Pic 1

**BY THE WAY: I am a HORRIBLE food photographer and am aware my pics aren’t great. Just letting you know 🙂 **

First, the Pepperoni & Pesto..

I am not a big pepperoni lover. I like the flavor, but not the texture. The pizza had already been stripped of it’s pepperonis by my husband, the greedy little thing, so they didn’t make it into the pic.


I liked this one, but like I said, I’m not a pepperoni person. Mini wasn’t a fan either. My husband loved it though.

Next, the Mozzarella & Pesto


Everyone knows cheese makes or breaks pizza. If the cheese is good, it’s a great slice. If it’s bad, it’s a no-go. This cheese was AMAZING! Seriously, this company should package and sell this cheese. It was that good. I accidentally over-browned the crust, but we loved this one. Well, Mini and I did. The husband was too busy stuffing his face with the pepperoni one.

Final Verdict: If you like thin-crust pizza, you should definitely give this a try! Even if you prefer a thicker crust, you’ll still love the taste. You could always pile them on top of one another.. Pizza sandwich!

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