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Summer Movie 21: CINDERELLA

Mini had seen commercials for this movie on the Disney channel all week so she wanted to watch it. When she realized that we would be busy this weekend and not able to watch it when it was on tv, I suggested this be her daily new movie.

She was happy then went completely serious and asked me, “Mommy if I watch this am I going to love all the Disney Princess stuff?” She almost sounded nervous. After we talked about it and I sarcastically “promised” not to paint her room light pink and buy her a ton of dolls, she was ready to watch it.

She was enjoying the music and the storyline until they got to the point where the stepsisters rip Cinderella’s dress to shreds then leave for the ball. Mini jumped off the couch and started jumping up and down “Punch them in the face! Punch them in the face! Don’t just stand there! Kick them or something!”

As Cinderella and the Prince are dancing and the song starts, Mini makes a sour face. “Ew they’re in love.”

At the end of the movie, Mini says, “So if I wear a dress and glass slippers, I will find a prince and get married? That’s so stupid. I’m never wearing dresses or slippers ever!”

Her favorite characters were the mice and her favorite parts were any parts they were in. She loves Jack and Gus. She even asked if I could find them in stuffed animal form. I guess we’ll see about that šŸ™‚

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