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Four Things All Blog Posts Must Have

Let’s talk about blog posts.

They’re a great way to get your extended content seen.. but are your posts effective enough?

First and foremost, think about what you are writing and consider how you would want that information presented to you.

Here’s a list of four things you should include in every post:

Your keywords and keyword phrases should be specific to your niche.

Do some research to make sure they are accurate and will be effective in driving traffic to your site.

The Yoast Plugin for WordPress will give you insights on keyword density in your posts and make recommendations (among other things – seriously, it’s a GREAT plugin) for what you can improve to rank higher on search engines.

You know those social media posts that use random hashtags? Don’t do that on your blog! Keep your keywords topic-specific. If you don’t, you’ll look silly and untrustworthy.

Also: double-check spelling, grammar, facts, quotes, figures and stats. Use footnotes & links.

*Link to your other posts

*Link back to your site if you’re guest-posting

*Link to relevant affiliate products, other blogger’s posts

*Link to your social media channels

To sum up:

Keywords and Phrases help people find your content

Use keywords more than once in each post

Stay on topic and proofread

The more links, the merrier

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