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6 Ways to Grow Your Biz With Online Marketing

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Fact: advertising and marketing your business can be an expensive process.

This is precisely why many biz owners rely on word of mouth to promote their businesses.

While this is an effective tool, it takes a while to build up your clientele this way.

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Online marketing can deliver impressive results on a meager budget if both planned and performed effectively.

Consider these benefits of growing your business with online marketing:

Track your ROI

I’m definitely dating myself here, but do you remember those old ads in the Pennysaver or local paper?

“Say you saw it in the Pennysaver/Newsday/name of publication..”

Well, not everyone is forthcoming with that “I found you on/in..” information anymore. 

This means that tracking your ROI on mediums like print or billboards can be difficult. 

Enter online marketing.

Tools like Google Analytics (or any other platform’s analytics) make tracking details like traffic and sales a breeze to both do and find. You sign up for them, enter your details and you’re good to go. 

PPC = quick sales & profits

Pay-Per-Clicks (PPCs) marketing makes it possible to see quick sales and profits. PPCs allow you to show specifically tailored ads to targeted customers by choosing specific keywords.  

Your ads are then be shown when anyone searches for that particular keyword on a chosen search engine.

While there is potential for quick profits, there is also a risk of heavy losses if you don’t set up the ads effectively.

If you’re new to PPC advertising, it can be highly beneficial to seek the advice of an expert. If you sign up with an affiliate platform like Impact or Commission Junction, make sure you check out their blog posts and always read their emails. Most contain helpful hints to help you maximize your efforts. 

Free Promotion

SEO is a long-term approach.

Search Engine Optimization will help your site appear near the top of search engines if done properly. Why is this a good thing? Well, it all but guarantees that your ideal audience will find your website when they’re searching for content like yours. 

Yes, it’s free.

Yes, it’s competitive.

The biggest issue: the more people that learn about SEO, the more businesses will be paying experts to optimize their SEO results. 

Even if your website does a good job of converting visitors to sales, paying an expert to get that top spot can be well worth it. 

Invite Customer Loyalty

Your website never sleeps.

This means that you have the opportunity to grow your business 24/7.

Millions of internet users frequent the internet on a daily (and nightly) basis.

That’s exhausting just to read that and think about it.

Do you have to be available 24/7? No.

Buuuut you do need to answer questions and feedback.

You need to interact with your base.

Reach out to these people and deliver real-time feedback and interaction.

That will help you build:

  • Brand reputation
  • Brand recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • A new and ever-expanding customer base

As your customer base increases, so will your sales and profits. YAY! 

Devices, Devices

Think about it: how often do you use your phone to access the internet?

I think it’s pretty safe to say most people do that now.

Does this mean that you should quit targeting desktop and tablet users?

Absolutely not!

Online marketing enables you to target multiple devices. Make sure your website and stores are optimized for mobile users. 

When you create a website and ads, you have options to choose:

  • who you are targeting
  • what they like

Targeting their devices effectively will help to bring higher conversion rates. 

Local, but also global

Online marketing allows you to promote your business and services around the globe.

It’s like the whole world is now in your backyard and you didn’t even have to make milkshakes! 

Now THAT is cool! Hooray for the internets! 

The internet is a powerful tool that offers almost endless business opportunities.

With online marketing, you can:

  • build an audience
  • engage with your potential customers
  • make more sales
  • enjoy greater profits 

Online marketing can bring the bright future for your business that you dream of! 

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